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Gene Clark

—In A Misty Morning (#2)


The Gene Clark “In a Misty Morning” series, Part II:

Today, we have the second version of “In a Misty Morning” by Gene Clark.  This is a totally different mix from the same recording session for his “Roadmaster” album which was recorded in 1972.  You will hear different instruments and voices at different volumes, as well as a different length, with this version running about an extra minute longer.  Yes, it is quite different in some ways, but the sad and weary mood prevails, and the essence of the song is not compromised.  The extra minute comes at the song’s end where the coda goes on much longer, building up to quite a musical climax. 

This recording comes from what is called the “Hinshaw Mix,” which is named after the original producer of “Roadmaster”.  These mixes have not received any official release, and fans debate which version they like best.  The sound quality on this track is a bit naff, but remember this is not an “official” recording.

Which version do you like the best so far?

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